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USSCO Federal Credit Union and Junior Achievement of Southwest Pennsylvania


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USSCO Federal Credit Union selected Junior Achievement of Southwest Pennsylvania (JA) to receive a donation of $12,500 from Elan’s Across the Country Charitable Giving program. The gift will serve 3,500 students in Cambria County by building confidence in areas such as personal finance and entrepreneurship.

Nicki Sliko, JA’s Director of Programs, stated, “Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania has long known that success begins in the classroom, introducing students from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade to the importance of money management, workforce development, and entrepreneurship. Thanks to the generosity of Elan and USSCO Federal Credit Union, JA has been able to serve over 3,500 students in Cambria County this school year, helping to strengthen our community and economy for generations to come.”


"JA does such important work partnering with education and business leaders to help our young people get the skills they need to succeed in life. We were thrilled to be chosen to participate in Elan’s program and support JA. With charitable giving down because of the challenges of the last few years, we are blessed to be part of bringing such a sizable donation to our community."

Todd Cover, USSCO’s President & CEO

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"We’re proud to launch Across the Country Charitable Giving and help support the positive impact our credit union partners have on their communities,” said Elan’s Credit Card GM, John Owens. "We believe giving back is more important than ever and including our credit union partners was a meaningful component of bringing this project to fruition."

John Owens 
General Manager 
Elan Credit Card

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